Assessment Programs

Annual Function

Welcome to the vibrant showcase of talent, dedication, and empowerment at SERENE SONNY SCHOOL! Our Annual Function Celebration is a testament to the remarkable journey of growth and achievement undertaken by our students throughout the academic year. This year’s theme, “Empower, Excel, Elevate,” encapsulates the essence of our commitment to fostering an environment where each student is not only educated but also empowered to reach their fullest potential.

Independence Day

While Independence Day is traditionally a day of national celebration, at SERENE SONNY SCHOOL, it serves a dual purpose as a meaningful assessment program. The commemoration of Independence Day goes beyond mere festivities; it becomes a platform for evaluating various facets of our students’ growth, awareness, and participation in civic responsibilities. The day begins with patriotic fervor as students engage in flag hoisting ceremonies, cultural performances, and informative presentations. These activities contribute to the assessment of their understanding of national history, the significance of Independence Day, and their ability to express these concepts creatively.

Republic Day

The observance of Republic Day goes beyond the celebratory aspect, fostering values like respect for the constitution, democratic principles, and a sense of responsibility towards societal well-being. Discussions and seminars on topics related to democracy, citizenship, and governance contribute to the assessment of critical thinking and analytical skills. Moreover, the collaborative efforts involved in organizing events promote teamwork, leadership, and organizational skills, aligning with our broader goal of nurturing well-rounded individuals.

Sports Meet

The Annual Sports Meet at SERENE SONNY SCHOOL holds a unique position as an integral part of our comprehensive assessment program. Beyond the thrill of competition and the display of physical prowess, this event serves as a meaningful evaluation of our students’ holistic development. As students enthusiastically participate in a variety of sports, from track and field events to team-based competitions, they are not only showcasing their athletic abilities but also demonstrating qualities that are essential for personal and collective success. The Sports Meet provides a platform for assessing not just physical fitness but also skills like strategic thinking, leadership, and the ability to work harmoniously within a team.

Serene Sonny public school is a private co- educational institute from Play to 8 Std. Serene Sonny Public School commenced it’s first academic session in March 2018..

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